Ashland Area Emmaus Community
Monday, January 21, 2019
Jesus himself came near and went with them
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Walk Schedule

Click here to find the schedule of Community Events and Pilgrim meals


The Ashland Area Emmaus Community holds four Walks to Emmaus each year.  Two are held in the spring and two in the fall, with one each season for men and one each season for women.

The Walk dates for 2019 are: 

March 14-17 - Men's Walk
March 28-31 - Women's Walk
October 3-6 - Men's Walk
October 17-20 - Women's Walk

Walk Applications

The application is provided as an Adobe form, and you can complete all or any part of it online.  Print the form to your printer when you are finished.  The form can also be printed as blank form and completed by hand.
Adobe Reader is available here.
After the pilgrim has completed the front of the form, the sponsor is asked to complete the back of the form and mail it the the registrar (address is on the form) as soon as possible.
Please be sure to indicate any food allergies, special needs, sleeping needs or other health concerns on the form so that we can meet all of your needs.

Walk Service

As a member of the Community, you are necessary for the success of the Walks.  Please consider serving with the Community to support the Walk:
  • Contact Sherry Hackworth, our Walk Events Coordinator, to find out when and where you are needed to serve the pilgrims on the walks.
  • Contact Lisa Angel and Brian Daniels, our Agape Coordinators, to find out what agape is needed for the pilgrims and Conference Room Team for the Walks.  If you would like to contribute agape for a walk, please provide 55 pieces for meal-time agape or 20-30 pieces for "bed" agape.  Our agape coordinators can also help you find a place to give of your time during a walk.
  • Contact Billy Evanich or Larry Kirkpatrick if you would like to volunteer to cook or to serve.
  • Contact Debby Clark if you would like to help with facilities.

Walk Schedule

Check out this page to see when Community Events are held.  Please plan to attend Community Events.  Of special note, Community events are open to anyone who has attended an "emmaus-type" event, but are not open for guests to attend.  Please bring your guests to the next Gathering!  
The schedule also includes when pilgrim meals are held (in case you would like to help serve).

Agape Letters

Agape letters for pilgrims need to be delivered by Candlelight, if at all possible.

Prayer Vigils

Sign up to be a part of an Ashland Area Emmaus Community Prayer Vigil, or to participate in any Walk Event Weekend, worldwide.